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Social Activities

The Organizing Committee has the pleasure to invite you to attend the Conference Dinner and the Excursions included in the Social Programme.

SPEA7 – Excursions

SPEA7 participants have the possibility to choose the Excursion planned for June 17 during the online registration. By default, this excursion refers to OPTION 1, this option being recommended by the SPEA7 Organizing Committee.

Please contact us if you prefer OPTION 2 or other excursion that has been planned for June 18-20 (no extra charges), or even if you intend to participate in more than one excursion. However, please be aware that the 60€ fee includes only one tour when registering online at the Excursion in the SPEA7 website. The cost of any full day tour presented below is 60€ and a given tour will take place only if a minimum of 15 participants is registered. All departures are from the SPEA7 Venue, hotel HF IPANEMA PARK.

SUNDAY, June 17

OPTION 1 (recommended)
RIVER DOURO Tour with lunch and cruiser included
Excursion selected by default during Online Registration
Minimum: 50 participants

Know the “Doiro, poema geológico” (Miguel Torga) region, placed on the north of Portugal, where is easy to establish connections with history and with the people that can offer us the most generous nectar – the Porto wine. The wine of the oldest demarcated region of the world.

The bus will depart from Hotel Ipanema Park (only from this hotel) at 09:00. All the participants must be at the reception of the Hotel Ipanema Park at 08:45 in order to have time to check the name list.

09h00 - Departure from Oporto (SPEA7 Venue) in direction towards Régua. (Douro Region Capital chosen by Marques de Pombal to be the center of the demarcated Porto/Douro Wine Region).

11h30 - Arrive at Quinta da Pacheca – Visit with wine tasting and lunch.
15h00 - Douro cruiser of 1 hour (Régua) - shipping during 1 hour to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the banks of the River Douro.
16h00 - Departure from Régua to Oporto.
18h00 - Arrive to Oporto.
More about the visit to Quinta da Pacheca and the selected Menu here.

  • Coriander soup
  • Cod with roasted Bread and potatoes in the oven
  • Crème Brulèe
  • Coffee
  • White and red wine from Quinta
  • Tawny port wine
Quinta da Pacheca, one of the best known properties of the Douro, stands out for having been the first to bottle wines with their own brand. Is in a document dated April 17, 1738 which for the first time refers to the Fifth call "Pacheca" by be your own D. Mariana Pacheco Pereira. But it was not until 1903 that D. José Freire de Serpa Pimentel decided to develop its growing interest in oenology, buying the property in order to devote himself to wine production.

Today, a century passed, the new generation of Serpa Pimentel assumes the management of Fifth: Mary, Catherine and José are the young faces of this company from a family very much. While the company of family, the Quinta da pointedly Pacheca is called producer bottler of wines from Thursday, all years with limited productions of the Douro wines of excellent quality and port wines only for special categories.

The entry can enjoy one of plantains and some vineyards, and know the production processes and stages of their wines, with accompaniment of a winemaker or with one of the members of the family Serpa Pimentel.

OPTION 2 - Full day tour to GUIMARÃES
Minimum: 15 participants

11h00 - Departure from the Hotel to Guimarães with an Official Tourism Guide.
  • Lunch at a typical Portuguese restaurant.
  • Visit to Guimaraes Castle, Historic Centre, Square of Toural, Square of Oliveira and church of S. Francisco.
  • Rest of the afternoon free to walk around the European City of Culture, enjoying all the activities, street entertainment and time for shopping some typical goodies from the region.
18h00 - Arrive to Oporto.

About the City of Guimarães and its History here.

Guimarães is a unique and special city! It is distinguished by its heritage, its inspiring landscape, its entrepreneurial capacity, its sense of belonging and the dynamism if its inhabitants. The origin of the city of Guimarães goes back to the tenth century since it was here, in 1128, that the Portuguese nation was founded and D. Afonso Henriques was recognized as the first king of Portugal. Come and get to know our unique region where customs and traditions from the past live alongside innovation and progress. There are infinite possibilities, from adventure to relaxation through to cultural pursuits, waiting to greet the visitor who chooses this authentic destination. For further information please consult the pages Guimarães Tourism and Porto and The North of Portugal.

The city of Guimarães is like no other city in Portugal. Its past is so intimately intertwined with the History of Portugal that it is commonly and proudly referred to as the Cradle of the Nation. Tradition has it that the boy who would one day be crowned the first King of Portugal in 1179 was born and baptised in Guimarães in 1111. Guimarães played an important role as the major municipality, or villa, during the time of the Condado Portucalense.

MONDAY, June 18

OPTION 3 - Full day tour to COIMBRA
Minimum: 15 participants

11h00 - Departure from the Hotel to Coimbra with an Official Tourism Guide. Visit one of the most beautiful university cities of Europe and a city with a charming historical area with a lot of architecture to enjoy.
  • Lunch at a typical Portuguese restaurant
In the afternoon visit to the Historical Centre, Library (with more than 300.000 books), Cathedral, Monastery of Sta. Clara, Business Centre, University (Sec.XIII).
18h00 - Arrive to Oporto.
About the Town and the University of Coimbra.

The City of Coimbra has its own very special mystique, the result of a past full of important events and of the memories of the many thousands of Portuguese who, dispersed around the country or abroad, remember the carefree, easygoing, hopeful years spent here in their youth as students at the University.

The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest in Europe. Founded in Lisbon by King Dinis in 1290, it was finally transferred to Coimbra in 1537, occupying the buildings of the medieval royal Palace. During the reigns of João V and José I the university was extensively restructured, not only in its teaching but also by the construction of new buildings in Baroque or neo-classical style.

The Old Cathedral (Sé Velha), in the second phase of Coimbra Romanesque style, dates from the 2nd half of the 12th century and was consecrated in 1184. Designed by the French master Robert, its exterior is sturdy and symmetrical, with narrow window-slits and crenellated roof.

TUESDAY, June 19

OPTION 4 - Full day tour to FÁTIMA
Minimum: 15 participants

11:00 - Departure from the Hotel to Fátima with an Official Tourism Guide.
  • Lunch at a typical Portuguese restaurant.
  • Visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima, placed at Cova da Iria, the Apparitions Chapel, the Basilica, the Big Holm-oak, the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Lausperene Chapel - the Monument that houses a piece of the Berlin Wall.
  • In the afternoon, visit the Parish Church where the seers were baptized, as well as the cemetery where Francisco and Jacinta have been buried for some years; visit to the House of the little shepherds and the Ethnographical Museum.
More about Fátima here

Fátima, the major parish of the Ourém municipality, district of Santarém, is one of the most important pilgrimage centers for the Catholic world.

Fátima, white and serene, raises imposingly its Sanctuary that charms at first sight. Mystical land of incessant search for faith, safe harbour of all those looking for light, harmony and peace.

The history of Fátima is permanently connected to the existence of three children: Lúcia and her cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto. The sweetness and innocence of the little and humble shepherds took them to see the holiest of the images: the one of Our Lady.
The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima, placed at Cova da Iria, besides the Apparitions Chapel. Still in the Sanctuary open area one should visit the Big Holm-oak, the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which stands in the middle of the square, the Lausperene Chapel, the Monument that houses a piece of the Berlin Wall and also, beyond the D. José Alves Correia da Silva Avenue, the Pastoral Centre Paul VI.


OPTION 5 – Oporto with Lunch aboard
Minimum: 15 participants

A meal aboard a boat on the River Douro is always a moment unique and different!
11h30 - Departure from the Hotel to Cais V N Gaia.
12h00 - boarding in Cais de Gaia.
12h30 - Service of aperitifs and lunch on board (includes – Main Dish, 1 Dessert, Soup, Entries, Wine Mature white or red, Orange Juice, Water and Coffee). You can observe the Ribeira, the Ponte d. Luís, da Serra do Pilar monastery, the Ponte do Infante, the Ponte d. Maria Pia, the bridge of s. João and the Freixo bridge.
14h30 - Arrive at Vila Nova de Gaia, and transfer by bus to the Hotel.
More about this tour here.

Enjoy a delicious Lunch on board a vessel, while admiring the beautiful riverside landscape and we will especially admire the six bridges that make the link between the port and v. n. de Gaia. We left the pier of Stowage and we began to observe the Ribeira, the Ponte d. Luís, da Serra do Pilar monastery, the Ponte do Infante, the Ponte d. Maria Pia, the bridge of s. João and the Freixo bridge. during 2:30.

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